Brilliant Base Words

Hi everyone,

This term we are learning about different types of words. So far we have been learning about base words. Base words are words that you can add on other words to make new words. For example: Friend. You can add on, ly, to make friendly or, ship, to make friendship etc.

This is a table I made of base words with their  Pre fix and Suffix’s.


Base word tableBe Safe


7 thoughts on “Brilliant Base Words

  1. Hi Ti,
    That is a really good post on prefixes and suffixes.
    There are some really good words and ideas there.
    Can you think of some base words to go with the prefix un? You’ve got unfriend on your table up there, that’s a good starting point.

    P.S. I love your macaroons photo.

    • Hi Littlestar,
      Thanks, although it was tricky to try and find words that nobody else was using. Have you done any work on prefixes or suffixes?

      Be Safe

  2. Hi Ti and Little star,
    I have thought of a great word that’s prefix starts with un. It’s Unbelievable. Hope that’s what you want little star. Bye Thanks for reading

  3. Hi guys!
    Unbelievable is such a good example. It includes a prefix and a suffix. Does anyone know what the prefix ‘un’ means? Is it a Greek or Latin prefix?
    Miss C.

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