Perfect Perculiar Pentominoes!!

Hi everyone,

Our class has been learning about pentominoes.

 Are you wondering what pentominoes are?

Pentominoe rules.

  • Pentominoes are a shape made out of 5 squares.
  • You can’t call a flipped over pentominoe a new one.
  • A pentominoe has to touch edges not corners.

My class had to find out if they had the same area and perimeter.

This is the definition of area and perimeter.

Area: Space inside a shape or object. It’s measured in cm2. The formula is L X W = A

Perimeter: The length of the outside of a shape.

L + L + W + W = P.

We also had to have a Hypothesis. My Hypothesis is: I don’t think they are going to be the same, because the space is and looks bigger on the outside and they are different shapes and sizes.

I was right. All of the shapes have a perimeter of 12cm2 except one, which has a perimeter of 10cm2. So not all of the shapes are have the same perimeter, but they all have the same area.

letter pentominoes


Pentominoes game

 This game has a grid where you have to put pentominoes on the grid to fill the whole grid. You can flip, rotate and turn the pentominoes to fit the grid.

What do you know about pentominoes?

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  1. hi Tyra
    your post about pentominoes was awesome you found 3 rules good job! why dont you create a maths page? good luck

    bye bella

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