The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore!!!

Hi everybody,

Today and yesterday the grade 5s watched The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. The movie had NO dialog (speech).

Here is my recount of the movie:

Mr. Morris Lessmore was writing, when a wind/tornado came. Everything was lifted up into the air and spun around and then got dropped, everything was black and white after that. Then Mr. Morris Lessmore walked along a path and a lady with an alphabet skirt, was flying in the air with books tied onto a string in her hand. Then one of the books jumped down and made everything colourful. Inside the book was a picture of Humpty dumpty and he was telling him to follow, so he did. At the end of the path he came to a grand library, and then went inside to follow the Humpty dumpty book. He walked down a long corridor and heard the Humpty dumpty book playing the piano, so he went in and started dancing to the music with the books. He woke up on a giant book. He got up, and gave the books alphabet cereal and then put there “jackets” on. Then he saw an old book that he had to fix. He then gave out books to the public which gave them colour. He finished writing his book about his life. He was an old man now so the books made him young and took up into the sky where he gave a little girl his book he wrote, so that she can look after the books.

These are what I thought were the messages:

  • Books give you colour and meaning
  • Never give up (on life)
  • Books can change your life
  • Expressions, lights and colour can tell the mood



These techniques helped me think of messages:

–         Colour

–         Using ideas from other films

–         Expressions

–         Light/Dark

–         Body language

–         Music

Here is one of the things that I noticed:

When it is dark, gloomy and dull the mood, peoples expression and body language is sad. But when it is happy it is colourful, bright and the music was fast and happy, and the peoples expression and body language is happy.


fantastic flying book

Before question

Have you ever seen this movie and what do you think?

To see this movie go


(This video is posted on the 12th August)


After question

What do you think of this movie?

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