Terrifc Top 10 tallest buildings!

Hi everybody,

The grade 5s have been investigating the worlds top 10 tallest buildings. We have been (of course) finding out what the top 10 tallest buildings are, making graphs and finding out all the other information about the  buildings .5C talked about predictions.My class had to predict what we thought about the buildings. From where they are in the world to how tall they are. My prediction is: That Tokyo, Australia, America, Turkey, India, Egypt, Dubai and Egypt. will have the top 10 tallest buildings, because they are all wealthy countries or a rich/grand history. I also think that they will be evenly spread. I think that  all of the buildings will at least be 600M tall. I think this, because (for example) Dubai is wealthy. We had to make an excel document with our raw data and three graphs. We also make a pictograph.

Do you know what an pictograph is?

Here is my Excel doc and my Pictograph

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