My Crafty Master Piece!

Hi everybody,

A few days ago 5C and 5A got together to talk about the Student Blogging Challenge. To read more click on image:

student blogging challengeMiss C and Mrs Kane told us that we were going to register ourselves (our blogs) for the Student Blogging Challenge 2014. The first challenge we had to do was create a master piece. They had a wide range of websites that you could visit and do create your master piece on. Your master piece can be any were from; sound to a simple painting.  I decided to make a Kizoa of some digital paintings and sand art I created. Here is my master piece:


I also made 3 Silk creations. Here they are:
Have you registered for the Student Blogging Challenge?
Have a great day

4 thoughts on “My Crafty Master Piece!

  1. Hi Ti

    Your art work looks great. My favourite is your silk art, but I really like your steep steep steps too!.
    I know Kaleyn really enjoyed playing with sand art too, thanks for sharing this app.


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