Are you being tracked?

Hi everybody,

Our second Student Blogging Challenge is to choose from 5 different activities which you can find at Mr Bogush’s blog. There are 3 parts to this challenge, but Mrs Kane and Miss C decided that we would only do challenge 1 and 2. For activity 1 I chose activity 3 this is what it is: Do you use Google Chrome?  Install the Ghosterly extension.  Now visit five of your favorite webpages. Ghosterly will tell you what companies are tracking your online activities.  Write a post on what you found?  What is your reaction?  Will this change sites that you visit online?  What type of sites had more tracking of your activity?  Are you surprised?

My 5 favourite webpages I chose were:

These are the results I got.

For cool maths games I found out that I was being tracked by 66 people/companies!

For This is sand I found out that was being tracked by 2 people/companies.

For Silk I am being tracked by 4 people/companies.

For Kizoa I am being tracked by 3 people/companies.

And for Student Blogging Challenge I was being tracked by 14 people/companies.

I found out that you could block people and I have blocked some people on cool maths games so now I only have 10 people/companies tracking me.

I didn’t think that there were going to be 66 people/companies tracking me so I was a bit surprised. I never really thought about people/companies tracking you on websites and how many people/companies actually track you. So when heard about this activity I thought it sounded interesting. I am still going on these websites because there are ways to prevent being tracked; like blocking them. The sight that had the most people tracking me was cool maths games. I think that I am tracked the most on there is because lots of people go on cool maths games, which probably makes it easier to track you. The Student Blogging Challenge had the 2nd most which was 14.

 Always check you footprint.

And if your being followed.

Do you know how many people track you and where?

Have a great day


3 thoughts on “Are you being tracked?

  1. Wow! Ti,
    Thanks for finding out there were 14 tracking you on the student blogging challenge. I might have to check out who they are. I didn’t think there would be that many.

    • I didn’t realise that there would be 14 people tracking me on the Student Blogging Challenge website! But I thought it was pretty amazing that 66 people are tracking me on cool maths games. On cool maths games I now have less people tracking me because I block some, and since I have blocked some people other people have stopped tracking me.

      Do you know if anybody is tracking you?
      Have a great day

  2. Hi Ti

    I’ll have to start using Ghosterly and see who’s tracking me. Thanks for advice, never too old to learn something new. It is interesting that after you blocked some people on cool maths others independently stopped tracking you too.


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