Mem Fox

Hi everybody,

mem fox

My favourite story book author is Mem Fox. Some of Mem Fox’s books are:

  • Possum magic
  • The magic hat
  • Shoes from grandpa

I think Mem Fox’s books are a great read and each book has a unique message. I love Mem Fox’s stories because they have great descriptive words and have great messages. When I was little I used to love reading Mem Fox’s books. My favourite Mem Fox books are The magic hat and Possum magic.


About Mem Fox:

Mem fox moved to Africa with her parents at 6 months of age. Mem Fox learnt to write  by drawing letters in the red dirt of Africa. Mem Fox’s  whole class were Africans including her close friends. The authorities found out that she was at a African school and told her parents that it was against the law, so they sent her to a white school.


What is your favourite Mem Fox book?


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