Our 1850s hut!!

Hi everybody,

On Tuesday 6B made an 1850s hut out of cardboard, because we had just been to Sovereign Hill for camp. At Sovereign Hill we spent a lot of time wandering around and seeing what life was like at Ballarat in the 1850s. While wandering around we saw the different levels of housing, most people had tents or huts (if they were lucky) and a handful of people had small houses. In our hut we have a bed, fire table and a working windless. The Hut length is 2.16m and 1.58m in width. The highest point of the hut is 1.84m and the volume is 2 cubic metres. Everybody had a set task that they had to do, Frances and I made a table and a mantle piece. Our grade had so much fun working on the cardboard hut.

Here are some photos of our hut:




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