Book VS Film The Lorax

Hi everybody,


I think that the book is better than the movie because, it’s what the author Dr Seuss imagined and you can have an idea of what a character looks like yourself.

Some of the reasons why I think that the book is better:

  • It rhymes
  • It has lots of descriptive words
  • It talks about the characters
  • The illustrations tell a lot of the story-pictures tell a thousand words

The book is far better because the movie has lots of unnecessary information and it doesn’t follow the story line of Dr Seuss’s book.


What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Book VS Film The Lorax

  1. Hey Tyra,

    The movie is better than the book because of its brighter colours and fun music!
    nobody wants to read a boring old book, they want to watch a fun movie that makes the characters characteristics stand out.
    don’t get me wrong the book is great! but it doesn’t have as much fun colours as the movie, the movie also has loads of humour which the book doesn’t have.


    • Hi Hailee,
      The book IS NOT boring and that must mean that you don’t like the book the your reading now (apparently you love it). Yeah the movie is good but it doesn’t follow the story line at all.


  2. Tyra,
    I totally agree with your statement the book is far better than the movie which is full of unrelated, unnecessary information.
    Mr B

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