Paper Planes- Movie or Book

Hi everybody,

I have watched paper planes but I haven’t read the book.

paper plane movie

This is what I thought the movie was about from the front cover:

-About friends who make paper planes

-The main character is very focused on the paper plane

-They look determined

-They look about 12yrs old

-The kids look like they are interested in paper planes

paper planes book

This is what I thought the book was about using the front cover:

-About a boy who enjoys making paper planes

-He is determined to make his paper plane fly well

-He is a school kid

-Intrigued and determined

We also watched the trailer and this is what I noticed:

-The movie is set in Australia

-He goes to Tokyo, Japan

-He is a single child

-He lives in a single parent family

-His grandad brakes laws

-He is really good at making paper planes

-The movie is funny but dramatic at the same time

-About friendship

-He meats friends


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