Term 3 Goals

Hi everybody,

The first week back at school we had to create goals for the term. These are my term three goals and three ways how I can achieve them:

Reading: Being able to summarise the text that I have to read

  • Make notes while reading
  • Re-read the text that I have already read
  • Write down what I have just read

Writing: Making my writing more interesting and not making my writing a list

  • Use more descriptive words
  • Find alternative words to start the sentence with
  • Try not to use then so much

Maths: To learn all of my times tables

  • Practice at least twice a week
  • Go onto maths online and do speed skills
  • Write down my times tables down on a sheet of paper

Personal: To make sure I have everything on my table in the morning

  • Look in my diary to see what we are doing
  • When I get to school get my stuff out straight away
  • Look at what everybody else has on there table

This is a Tagxedo with words that you need to be organised:



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