Katherine Applegate

The one and only Ivan

The one and only Ivan by K.A Applegate, is our class novel this term. The One and only Ivan is based on a true story, about a silver back gorilla that spent 27 years in a small isolated cage. K.A Applegate came across the silver back gorilla in a petrol station supermarket on an American freeway.

Katherine Alice Applegate has written over 50 books some of the books that she has written are the Animorphs series, Remnants, Everworld, Spring Break, The one and only Ivan and much more.



For her works K.A Applegate has won the John Newbery Medal (2013), the Golden Kite award for fiction (2008) and Best New Children’s Book Series Awards (1997), she has also been nominated for the Kids choice award for favourite book (1999 & 2000), the Dorothy canfield fisher children’s book award (2009) and Goodreads choice awards best middle grade & children’s (2012).

When K.A Applegate was a young child she wanted to raise gerbils, but at the age of 10 she had achieved this goal. She then went on and studied liberal arts, but she failed as it didn’t prepare her for a career besides being a college student. The next 7 years K.A Applegate worked in the restaurant and flower-delivery trade, before settling down to clean homes and offices. K.A Applegate and her husband (Michael Grant) had dreams to become famous authors. Three years past and her and her husband wanted to start their dream of becoming famous authors by writing their first book a Harlequin romance novel.

K.A Applegate finds her story ideas around her, when she’s reading the newspaper and there is an interesting article she will cut it out and put it into a box where she keeps all of her story ideas.

k.a applegate


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