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Hi everybody,

1 week ago grade six got given a sheet with 10 tasks on it. We had to first estimate how much we thought we would get. Then we had three attempts to get the highest score in the minute. After we did the tasks we had to find out our best time, our average and how we could improve. Here is my results:

Task Estimation 1 2 3 Best time Average How can you improve this skill?
Distance around the oval 1min10sec 59sec 1.09min 1.12min 59sec 66sec I need to sprint at the end and not slow down as I get to the finish.
Sit ups 23 55 57 53 57 55 I need to make sure I don’t stop and I don’t get distracted by other people doing it.
Push ups 2 25 24 20 25 23 I need to practice and it would help it was cooler and I didn’t just play basketball
Skips 65 84 75 67 84 75 I need to make sure that I don’t stop and that I concentrate on skipping not the people around me.
Train track jumps 45 145 153 172 172 156 I need to make sure that my foot is over the line not just on it.
Basketballs hoops from the free throw line 5 3 1 4 4 2 I need to take my time, not just shoot as soon as I get the ball. It would also help if I didn’t play 40min basketball and it wasn’t so hot
Tennis ball in the target 10 13 11 15 15 13 I need to make sure I throw it accurately and that I don’t get distracted by anybody else
Bouncing on a racket 40 69 70 89 89 76 I need to concentrate on the racket and make sure that stays in the middle of the racket and that I don’t bounce the ball to high
Planking 1min 1min 1min 1min 1min 1min I need to make sure that I keep my body at the right height/level and not too high or too low.
Balancing on one leg 1min 1min 1min 1min 1min 1min I don’t really need to work on anything because I stayed still the whole twenty.

I need to work on 5 tasks:

Distance around the oval

Push ups

Basketballs hoops from the free through line

Bouncing on a racket

I will practice these task 3 times a week.


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