Ruler Reflexes!

Hi everybody,

Today we had to see how quickly we could catch a 1metre ruler with out right hand, left hand and both hands. Here are my groups results:

      R- Hand         L-hand    
name sex age 1 2 3     1 2 3
Tyra F 12 7.5cm 11cm 8cm     17cm 17cm 11cm
Livvi F 12 20cm 13cm 14cm     24cm 4cm 12cm
Charli F 11 22cm 15cm 30cm     15cm 16.5cm 30cm
Frances F 11 8cm 16cm 10cm     7cm 7cm 10cm
Tyra     20cm 5cm 25cm          
Livvi     12cm 13cm 16cm          
Charli     20cm 37cm 17cm          
Frances     30cm 24cm 27cm

My averages were:

Right hand- 8.3 cm

Left hand- 15

Both Hands- 16.6

I got my  best average score on my right hand, I beat my left hand score by 6.7 and I beat both hands by 8.9.

Based on our results I got the best score for right hand, Livvi got the best score for both hands and Frances got the best score for left hand.


This was all of the information I got over this hour about my reflexes. Thank you for reading.


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