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Hi my name is Tyra, Tyra means “God of battle” (Scandinavian) also the Celtic
meaning for Tyra is “Land”from Terra. My star sign is Virgo. My birthday is in September. I am 11 years old and I go to primary school. I live in Victoria, Australia. I call myself Ti because my best friend Frankie came up with it and using this name keeps me safe online.

This Pic is a link to a website that has all 12 star signs

star sign 2

My BFF is Frankie and we are really close friends and when we are older we want to own a café called all things yummy because we both love cooking. When I am older I want to be a physiotherapist because I hurt myself a lot and have to go to the physio, so I learn a thing or to. When I am older I want my hobby to be photography. My dream is to be a basketball player because I think it is a fun active sport.

I love being active. My favourite sport is Basketball, and I play Basketball on the weekend. I also enjoy playing soccer for the schools girls team.

My favourite colour is fluoro orange because it is a bold colour and I really jump’s out at you.

What do you like doing?

Our class had to write a poem about ourselves. Miss C gave us a frame that we could work around.

Here is the frame work for the poem:

Your name.

Three adjectives to describe yourself.

How you are related or connected to someone else. Son? Daughter? Eldest of three siblings?

Three things you love.

Three things that make you happy.

Three things you give.

Three things you fear.

Something you would like to see.

One dream you have for the future.

Final line: I am (your name)

Here is my poem about me!


Active, adventurous, amazing.

 Eldest of two.

Loves Cooking, going outside, and playing sport.

Friends, food and looking after wildlife make me feel great.

Gives tips, happiness and humorous cards.

Fears getting stuck in an elevator, rejection and all nature being destroyed.  

Would love to see Christ the Redeemer

Who dreams of a world with no hunting/poaching animals.

I am Tyra.


 My Family

I live with my mum, dad and sister. We have a dog called Peaches, 2 cats called Scud and Trouve (Trouva). I live on a 20acre property which is on a hill.  We are wildlife carers, we look after birds and lizards. One time we had a long billed Corella called Bill and he when ever he got angry he would puff up and growl at you. One of my favourite magpies we have looked after is Screamy, because he would chase you and would always interact with you. Most of my  family on my dads side live in England, and my mums family lives all around Australia.


Have a great day



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