Super Specific Goals!

Hi everybody,

I am going to be talking about goals today.

Why are goals important?

Goals are important because they help us to improve on our weaknesses. They also tell us exactly what we want to achieve.





To help us decide our goals we did a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is important for working out what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. It is also important so that you can identify your weaknesses and work to improve them.


–          A chance to achieve something

–          Trying your best

–          Which skills to use

–          Bigger ideas

–          Choosing to learn


–          Mental block

–          Bad choices

–          Low confidence

–          Bad memory

–          Being messy

Specific: -Exactly – so were on the same page

Measurable: – how are you going to show that you have improve?- compare old and new

Achievable: – I will achieve this goal –I can achieve this goal – because….

Relevant: – Is this important to you- why did you choose this goal

Timed: – how long do you have to achieve this goal-time frame

Strategies: -things to help you reach your goal-repeating-practising

My English Goal

Specific:  My Smarts goal is to take notes more often. I will do this so that I can remember the task and compare ideas I have.

Measurable:   I will know that I have achieved this because I will be remembering the task more at my desk. I will also be able to choose the best sounding sentences

Achievable:  I will achieve this goal in 3 weeks. I will achieve this by using the strategies (below)

Relevant: It’s important to me that I take notes because then I can remember the task and not waist time asking questions.

Timed: I will achieve this goal after 3 weeks. I think 3 weeks is plenty of time to practice note taking


  • Having sticky notes on my table
  • I will have a pen and sticky note at my table

My Maths Goal

Specific:  My SMARTS goal is to work with decimals, fractions and percentages more comfortably.

Measurable: I know I will this goal because I will be able to work comfortably with decimals, fractions and percentages.

Achievable: I will achieve this goal because I am determined to learn about fractions, decimals and percentages.

Relevant: I chose this goal so that I can get 100/100 in the fraction, decimal test.

Timed: I am giving myself 3 weeks, I think that 3 weeks gives me plenty of time to practise.

Strategies: I will practise decimals, fractions and percentages to achieve my goal.


My behaviour goal

Specific: I want to get better at zoning out distractions, so that I don’t miss instructions.

Measurable: I will know that I have achieved this goal when  I don’t get so easily distracted.

Achievable: I will achieve this goal because I don’t won’t to miss any instructions.

Relevant: This goal is important to me because I won’t get work as well as I can and finish the task.

Timed: I am giving myself 3 weeks for this goal. I think 3 weeks will be plenty of time to practice zoning out distractions.


  • Ignoring people when they are acting silly
  • Staying focused
  • Telling people who are acting silly to stop.


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