London leg

Hi everybody,

So our next leg of our race is to London. Here is our  London itinerary. We spent $12,488.25 and our total time was 5hrs and unfinished. My group just had to fix one thing and we would have been finished.

Here is a Kizoa of pictures:

Have you ever been to London before?

2 thoughts on “London leg

  1. Hi Ti
    I have never been to London before. I am not sure I really want to go to London. in fact I have never left my country What about you have you been been to London Or any other countries. By from Jo

  2. Hi Josh,
    Yes I have been to London. Although I was 4 but I remember all the wonderful things I saw. I have also been to Hungary (I know it sounds like you are hungry!) Hungary is a landlocked country in Europe.

    Be Safe

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