Swap a leg

Hi everybody,

In relation of the Amazing Race we have had to create a leg. For this we got into pairs; and we got to decide where we were going. This time we had to create the itinerary for Amazing race, but for another pair to complete. My partner and I decided to go to Bangkok, Thailand. When creating the leg I did have a few guide lines which were; you had a budget of $10,000, accommodation, 2 main meals and at least 3 different types of transport. After we completed the leg we had to write/make a PMI of what we thought of their leg.

What is a PMI?

Well I will tell what each letter stands for:

P- Positive ‘what worked well’

M- Minus ‘what didn’t work well’

I- Ideas ‘for next time’

Here is my PMI:


Have a great day


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