Mighty Me Health expo reflection

Hey everybody,

Here is my Mighty Me Health expo reflection:

My Mighty Health expo went really well. Everybody was coming over to my ‘stall’ to do my hands on activity and/or to get a business car. But that was also bad because they only came for the hands on activity or business card.

I thought that I didn’t really do very well on presenting mainly because nobody was listening so in the end I just gave up. So there wasn’t really any point learning our info if nobody is going to listen. Next time if I was to do this again I would probably (even though I didn’t get to present), make sure that I knew my info better so that I could read it without looking.



Mighty Me Health Expo

Hi everybody,

The past term we have been  working on our mighty me health expo. We al had to chose a topic about the body and then create a poster and a hands on activity to let people do. My topic is Bowel Cancer, What Bowel Cancer is and how to help prevent it. . .

You have probably heard of many types of cancer, but have you ever heard of bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer) is a cancer of the colon or rectum.

Bowel Cancer is a malignant growth that develops most commonly in the lining of the large bowel. Most bowel cancers develop from the tiny growths called polyps. Not all Polyps become cancer rows.



Here are some facts about bowel cancer:

-15,151 Australians are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, 14,060 (92.8%) of which are aged over 50yrs. Including 1,091 people under the age of 50.

-Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer after lung cancer, claiming the lives of 3,980 people every year. 3,771 (or 94.7%) are aged over 50 yrs. -Both men and women are at risk of developing bowel cancer, with a split of around 55% male and 45% female. -Early detection is the best hope of reducing the number of Australians who die each year from bowel cancer.

-1 in 12 people will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime


If you have any questions ask in the comment below


Thanks for reading


Oaks Day

Hi Everybody,

Yesterday the grade 6s dressed up for oaks day and had a fashion parade. After snack we had to write a description of what you were wearing. Once you and your partners description was edited you had to go outside and practice our runway walk.  After  everybody had a practice we went over to the prep concrete. This is my description: Here is Tyra walking down the runway in her tailor made zebra stripe dress. With her midnight black shoes and cardigan from the Target collection. Her tangled golden hair topped off with blue tied died bow. She excites the crowd and exits with a tea cup swirl.

Me on the bridge

Me on the bridge

After everybody had their turn on the catwalk the girls had to decide as a group the 2 boys who did the best (Ashton and Oscar). The boys had to decide as a group the 2 girls who did the best (Livvi and me). They would then go onto walk on the catwalk in front of all the grade 6s, Ms Dent, Mrs Hensby and their grade 2 classes.

Our class dressed up for oaks day

Our class dressed up for oaks day

In the final everybody had to walk on the catwalk again. I was first up, it wasn’t as nerve racking as I thought it would be. There were 3 prizes one for best girl, one for best boy and one for most creative. Livvi won for the best girl, Angus won for the best girl and Raffi won for most creative.

Me and my friends

Me and my friends





Ruler Reflexes!

Hi everybody,

Today we had to see how quickly we could catch a 1metre ruler with out right hand, left hand and both hands. Here are my groups results:

      R- Hand         L-hand    
name sex age 1 2 3     1 2 3
Tyra F 12 7.5cm 11cm 8cm     17cm 17cm 11cm
Livvi F 12 20cm 13cm 14cm     24cm 4cm 12cm
Charli F 11 22cm 15cm 30cm     15cm 16.5cm 30cm
Frances F 11 8cm 16cm 10cm     7cm 7cm 10cm
Tyra     20cm 5cm 25cm          
Livvi     12cm 13cm 16cm          
Charli     20cm 37cm 17cm          
Frances     30cm 24cm 27cm

My averages were:

Right hand- 8.3 cm

Left hand- 15

Both Hands- 16.6

I got my  best average score on my right hand, I beat my left hand score by 6.7 and I beat both hands by 8.9.

Based on our results I got the best score for right hand, Livvi got the best score for both hands and Frances got the best score for left hand.


This was all of the information I got over this hour about my reflexes. Thank you for reading.


Me in a minute!

Hi everybody,

1 week ago grade six got given a sheet with 10 tasks on it. We had to first estimate how much we thought we would get. Then we had three attempts to get the highest score in the minute. After we did the tasks we had to find out our best time, our average and how we could improve. Here is my results:

Task Estimation 1 2 3 Best time Average How can you improve this skill?
Distance around the oval 1min10sec 59sec 1.09min 1.12min 59sec 66sec I need to sprint at the end and not slow down as I get to the finish.
Sit ups 23 55 57 53 57 55 I need to make sure I don’t stop and I don’t get distracted by other people doing it.
Push ups 2 25 24 20 25 23 I need to practice and it would help it was cooler and I didn’t just play basketball
Skips 65 84 75 67 84 75 I need to make sure that I don’t stop and that I concentrate on skipping not the people around me.
Train track jumps 45 145 153 172 172 156 I need to make sure that my foot is over the line not just on it.
Basketballs hoops from the free throw line 5 3 1 4 4 2 I need to take my time, not just shoot as soon as I get the ball. It would also help if I didn’t play 40min basketball and it wasn’t so hot
Tennis ball in the target 10 13 11 15 15 13 I need to make sure I throw it accurately and that I don’t get distracted by anybody else
Bouncing on a racket 40 69 70 89 89 76 I need to concentrate on the racket and make sure that stays in the middle of the racket and that I don’t bounce the ball to high
Planking 1min 1min 1min 1min 1min 1min I need to make sure that I keep my body at the right height/level and not too high or too low.
Balancing on one leg 1min 1min 1min 1min 1min 1min I don’t really need to work on anything because I stayed still the whole twenty.

I need to work on 5 tasks:

Distance around the oval

Push ups

Basketballs hoops from the free through line

Bouncing on a racket

I will practice these task 3 times a week.


Katherine Applegate

The one and only Ivan

The one and only Ivan by K.A Applegate, is our class novel this term. The One and only Ivan is based on a true story, about a silver back gorilla that spent 27 years in a small isolated cage. K.A Applegate came across the silver back gorilla in a petrol station supermarket on an American freeway.

Katherine Alice Applegate has written over 50 books some of the books that she has written are the Animorphs series, Remnants, Everworld, Spring Break, The one and only Ivan and much more.



For her works K.A Applegate has won the John Newbery Medal (2013), the Golden Kite award for fiction (2008) and Best New Children’s Book Series Awards (1997), she has also been nominated for the Kids choice award for favourite book (1999 & 2000), the Dorothy canfield fisher children’s book award (2009) and Goodreads choice awards best middle grade & children’s (2012).

When K.A Applegate was a young child she wanted to raise gerbils, but at the age of 10 she had achieved this goal. She then went on and studied liberal arts, but she failed as it didn’t prepare her for a career besides being a college student. The next 7 years K.A Applegate worked in the restaurant and flower-delivery trade, before settling down to clean homes and offices. K.A Applegate and her husband (Michael Grant) had dreams to become famous authors. Three years past and her and her husband wanted to start their dream of becoming famous authors by writing their first book a Harlequin romance novel.

K.A Applegate finds her story ideas around her, when she’s reading the newspaper and there is an interesting article she will cut it out and put it into a box where she keeps all of her story ideas.

k.a applegate


State and Territory Project!

Hi everybody,

Over the past five weeks we have been making our state or territory. We had to find out information and landmarks on a 3D map. The state/territory I worked on was The Northern Territory. I made Uluru out of a plastic takeaway container and stuck a picture of Uluru on each side and put crinkled red paper on top. The task was ok but I think it would have been better if we had more time to work on our map and make our 3D designs. I think that we all contributed but some of us did more work. I think that we should have half of the criteria sheet made for us and then we can come up with the other half of the questions on the sheets. I would have made it have five not three categories so that we have more options for how they went.



Paper Maths!!!

Hi everybody,

This term our maths has been paper maths. We made paper stars, paper bridges and rockets. For the rockets we had to make a balloon rocket, straw rocket, bottle rocket, helicopter and 3, 2, 1 POP.

I enjoyed the 3, 2, 1 POP most of all because you had to put the lid on as fast as you can before it fizzes.

The average for my paper rocket was 1.54.

I think that my 3, 2, 1 POP rocket could have worked better, we had five attempts and 3 of them failed, the other ones I got 1m and 2ms. I think that I should have put the lid on more secure.




Paper bridges

Hi everybody,

Today we had to get into a group of 2, 3, 4 or our selves and research bridges. We then had to create a bridge using 8 pieces of A4 paper, 1m of string and 1m of masking tape.


I worked with Izzy and Charli, we made a bridge and it FAILED! We made two bridges. The first bridge we used sticky tape not masking tape and it couldn’t hold any wait. The second bridge we made we used to many pieces of paper.