Paper Bridges

Hi guys,

This week we are going to start building paper bridges. We have strict guide lines to what resources we are aloud to use. So before we start making it we have to research bridges and write about why we chose that bridge. Here is my word document of the bridges I chose.


M&M Maths

Hi everybody,

Today our class got to do M&M maths. We had to figure out the percentages of the different colours in the packet. Here is how many different colours I had:

Red: 6-40%

Orange: 2-14%

Yellow: 2-14%

Green: 1-7%

Blue: 3-21%

Brown: 1-7%



3D paper Icosahedron

Hi everybody,

Today we got given a sheet of paper with an outline of a icosahedron which we could fold into a 3D shape. Making the icosahedron is a lot harder then making a cube because its a lot more complex and it is a lot harder to stick the sides together. After I stuck my icosahedron together it started falling a part. Here is my icosahedron:



Term 3 Goals

Hi everybody,

The first week back at school we had to create goals for the term. These are my term three goals and three ways how I can achieve them:

Reading: Being able to summarise the text that I have to read

  • Make notes while reading
  • Re-read the text that I have already read
  • Write down what I have just read

Writing: Making my writing more interesting and not making my writing a list

  • Use more descriptive words
  • Find alternative words to start the sentence with
  • Try not to use then so much

Maths: To learn all of my times tables

  • Practice at least twice a week
  • Go onto maths online and do speed skills
  • Write down my times tables down on a sheet of paper

Personal: To make sure I have everything on my table in the morning

  • Look in my diary to see what we are doing
  • When I get to school get my stuff out straight away
  • Look at what everybody else has on there table

This is a Tagxedo with words that you need to be organised:



Charlie and the chocolate factory- Book V Film (Jonny Depp)

Hi Everybody,

Today we had to find a website that has reasons that would support our argumenmt about why the movie or book was better. We have to give three reasons why we think that. Here are my three reasons why I think the book is better:

-It doesn’t really follow the story line and doesn’t include some of the story

-The characters are very different to in the book and they don’t have the same ‘friendships’

-How Charlie gets the ticket is the opposite way in the book









Paper stars

Hi everybody,

Today we had to go onto this website and try to make as many of the stars on the table as we can. A star is a polygram, the definition of a Polygram is: A figure consisting of many lines. The definition of a polygon is: A plane figure with at least three straight lines and angles. These are some of the stars that I drew using a mathomat:


Paper Planes- Movie or Book

Hi everybody,

I have watched paper planes but I haven’t read the book.

paper plane movie

This is what I thought the movie was about from the front cover:

-About friends who make paper planes

-The main character is very focused on the paper plane

-They look determined

-They look about 12yrs old

-The kids look like they are interested in paper planes

paper planes book

This is what I thought the book was about using the front cover:

-About a boy who enjoys making paper planes

-He is determined to make his paper plane fly well

-He is a school kid

-Intrigued and determined

We also watched the trailer and this is what I noticed:

-The movie is set in Australia

-He goes to Tokyo, Japan

-He is a single child

-He lives in a single parent family

-His grandad brakes laws

-He is really good at making paper planes

-The movie is funny but dramatic at the same time

-About friendship

-He meats friends


Book VS Film The Lorax

Hi everybody,


I think that the book is better than the movie because, it’s what the author Dr Seuss imagined and you can have an idea of what a character looks like yourself.

Some of the reasons why I think that the book is better:

  • It rhymes
  • It has lots of descriptive words
  • It talks about the characters
  • The illustrations tell a lot of the story-pictures tell a thousand words

The book is far better because the movie has lots of unnecessary information and it doesn’t follow the story line of Dr Seuss’s book.


What do you think?

The night they stormed Eureka-Jackie French

Hi everybody,

Our class novel for this term was The night they stormed Eureka by Jackie French. We read this book because we were learning about the gold rush and the federation of Australia. I thought this book was boring because it described every thing in to much detail. Here is a table of pros and cons about the book:

The night they stormed Eureka
Pros Cons
The characters talk like they would have talked then It might not be historically correct
Based on what we were learning It was over explained and described
Has events that actually happened How did Sam go back in time
It is well explained Boring
It was too focussed on the Puddleham’s instead of the Eureka stockade




Hi everybody,

Today we made 3 dimensional shapes on the internet and then made them with multi cubes. My shape that I made was an eye. Our online website that we used was Here is the picture and design of my multi cube eye:

My multi cube design

My multi cube design

My multi cube model

My multi cube model