Mighty Me Health Expo

Hi everybody,

The past term we have been  working on our mighty me health expo. We al had to chose a topic about the body and then create a poster and a hands on activity to let people do. My topic is Bowel Cancer, What Bowel Cancer is and how to help prevent it. . .

You have probably heard of many types of cancer, but have you ever heard of bowel cancer?

Bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer) is a cancer of the colon or rectum.

Bowel Cancer is a malignant growth that develops most commonly in the lining of the large bowel. Most bowel cancers develop from the tiny growths called polyps. Not all Polyps become cancer rows.



Here are some facts about bowel cancer:

-15,151 Australians are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, 14,060 (92.8%) of which are aged over 50yrs. Including 1,091 people under the age of 50.

-Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer after lung cancer, claiming the lives of 3,980 people every year. 3,771 (or 94.7%) are aged over 50 yrs. -Both men and women are at risk of developing bowel cancer, with a split of around 55% male and 45% female. -Early detection is the best hope of reducing the number of Australians who die each year from bowel cancer.

-1 in 12 people will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime


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Hi everybody,

I  bet you are wondering why the change? Well its for a reason, which is the student blogging challenge. For the student blogging challenge you got to choose a celebration. A celebration can be  world wide, town, city, state, country or it can just be something that your family celebrates. I chose didn’t know whether to choose Halloween or Christmas because they are my favourite celebrations. I chose Halloween because it is a fun time of the year where you get to be what ever you want whether its a scary monster or just fancy dress.

Thank you to http://www.redpepper.co.ug/halloween-day-official-party-at-venom/ which is where I found this image. :)

Thank you to
http://www.redpepper.co.ug/halloween-day-official-party-at-venom/ which is where I found this image.

What is your favourite celebration? And why?

What do you do for that celebration?

What is your favourite part of that celebration?

What do you dress up as?

What is your favourite monster? And why?

Have a great day


Are you being tracked?

Hi everybody,

Our second Student Blogging Challenge is to choose from 5 different activities which you can find at Mr Bogush’s blog. There are 3 parts to this challenge, but Mrs Kane and Miss C decided that we would only do challenge 1 and 2. For activity 1 I chose activity 3 this is what it is: Do you use Google Chrome?  Install the Ghosterly extension.  Now visit five of your favorite webpages. Ghosterly will tell you what companies are tracking your online activities.  Write a post on what you found?  What is your reaction?  Will this change sites that you visit online?  What type of sites had more tracking of your activity?  Are you surprised?

My 5 favourite webpages I chose were:

These are the results I got.

For cool maths games I found out that I was being tracked by 66 people/companies!

For This is sand I found out that was being tracked by 2 people/companies.

For Silk I am being tracked by 4 people/companies.

For Kizoa I am being tracked by 3 people/companies.

And for Student Blogging Challenge I was being tracked by 14 people/companies.

I found out that you could block people and I have blocked some people on cool maths games so now I only have 10 people/companies tracking me.

I didn’t think that there were going to be 66 people/companies tracking me so I was a bit surprised. I never really thought about people/companies tracking you on websites and how many people/companies actually track you. So when heard about this activity I thought it sounded interesting. I am still going on these websites because there are ways to prevent being tracked; like blocking them. The sight that had the most people tracking me was cool maths games. I think that I am tracked the most on there is because lots of people go on cool maths games, which probably makes it easier to track you. The Student Blogging Challenge had the 2nd most which was 14.

 Always check you footprint.

And if your being followed.

Do you know how many people track you and where?

Have a great day


My Crafty Master Piece!

Hi everybody,

A few days ago 5C and 5A got together to talk about the Student Blogging Challenge. To read more click on image:

student blogging challengeMiss C and Mrs Kane told us that we were going to register ourselves (our blogs) for the Student Blogging Challenge 2014. The first challenge we had to do was create a master piece. They had a wide range of websites that you could visit and do create your master piece on. Your master piece can be any were from; sound to a simple painting.  I decided to make a Kizoa of some digital paintings and sand art I created. Here is my master piece:


I also made 3 Silk creations. Here they are:
Have you registered for the Student Blogging Challenge?
Have a great day