Fantastic Free Reading Friday!!!

Hi everyone,

Free Reading Friday what a great session!

This is my page of lots of great websites that I think are good for  free reading.

What is Free Reading Friday?

Free reading Friday is when you can read anything that tickles your fancy (as long as its appropriate).

It is a great way for everybody to explore different topics and styles of writing.

I recommend looking at all these websites because they are great for reading on Free Reading Friday

Morris Gleitzman

This is Morris Gleitzman official website. It tells you about himself, his books and much more.

Guiness world records

You can search up all of the records you want to know and who set them.

Andy Griffiths

This is Andy Griffiths official website. It tells you about his himself, his books and much more.

Learning with Frankie!                                         This is my BFF’s blog. It is a really great blog that tells you about what we have been doing in class. It also has some great describing words.

Chloe's Brilliant Blog

This is a great blog that tells you about what we have been doing in class. She has some great posts and links.

The Loser List

        This book is a great read. There are lots of different characters with different characteristics.

This pic takes you to a website that tells you something’s about the book.

Last 13

This amazing book has you on the edge of your seat the whole time. There are thirteen books in this series. I recommend you b read all the books.

Have you read any of The Last Thirteen books?

grade 5

You can read all about what we have done in class. It also has links to my class mates blogs and other teachers blogs.

Have you been on any of these blogs?


Here are some kids from Fiji opening presents for Christmas, from people all around the world.

I learnt that:

In Fiji there is a boy called Ajay. Judy (the lady on the right) is helping Ajay, who is almost blind. Judy also found out that Ajay’s mum had recently died. She helped him open his box, and they found a magnifying glass.


To find out more about Ajay click on the picture of all the Fijian children.

Has your school donated?

harry potter

Today I read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Have your read the book(s) or watched the movie(s)?

Have a great day


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