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This term the grade 5s inquiry topic is Let’s Vote on it. So we are going to be finding out about Australia’s government (parliament) and democracy. We have had to write what we know about government and any questions we have about it.


Here are some questions that my class have:

  • Why can’t under 18s vote?
  • What is the history of Parliament in Canberra?
  • What are the government’s biggest and most serious responsibilities?
  • What is the difference between Liberal and Labour?

So far we have learnt about Early Rule in Australia. Today we had to write a small summary about a text we read called Early Rule in Australia. Here is what I wrote:


For hundreds of thousands of years Aboriginals lived in Australia under their tribal law. In 1840 convicts weren’t sent to Eastern Australia any more. Free settlers had developed wheat and wool business. The people became less and less interested to allow an overseas government to make their laws. Lots of settlers demanded self-government as a way to protect their business interests. Most settlers knew the British system of parliament. The British system reflected the structure of the English society.


Here are 2 websites about democracy:

web web3

Hi again!

The past 2 days our class has been reading pieces about government. Today we had to write some information of what we know (answering the questions) in a table. Here is my table.

What do you know about government?

What is your government like?

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