My Digital Foot Print!

Hi everybody,

I am going to be telling you my definition of a digital footprint. As well as some ways to keep safe on the internet and keep your digital footprint low.


23/06: I think a digital footprint is when you leave a trail behind on the internet. Like when you leave your info on the internet, or things you do online that people can follow you. You only say things that you would tell a stranger. Its like sand, people can follow your tracks but if you walk backwards they can’t.

Ways you can stay safe

  • You can read the Ts and Cs (terms and conditions), because if you don’t  you could end up with a virus or somebody hacking into your accounts.
  • Don’t show your uniform because people can track you down. (especially if you live in a small town)
  • Be careful when using  WiFi at places because when you agree to the Ts and Cs they might be able to get info of anything from you.



My class agrees that we should not share personal information or identify pictures on our blog or any other digital platform. We only share information that we would comfortably share with a complete stranger.

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