My Brilliant Blogging Criteria Table!

Hi everyone,

A few days ago we did  a blogging rubric. When Miss C asked if anyone knows what an rubric was nobody really put their hand up.

What is an rubric?

An rubric is a set of instructions to help you get better at something. It also (sometimes) has a star rating that is from

1 (which is the worst) – 4 (which is the best).

How can an rubric help you?

An rubric can help you because if you want to get better at blogging you can learn what you need to do to improve on.

We had to fill in the table to complete it.

Further down the page you will find a blue link called Blogging Table Criteria. The table shows you the expectations of a Novice (new), Beginner, Accomplished and Expert blogger. We had to work in a group of 4. I was working in a group with Frances, Daniel and Callum. We all had a go at saying what we thought went were. We all persisted and we used lots more of the habits of the mind. Even though we may not have been agreeing or feeling 100%. I think that I am a beginner blogger because I can do most of the things in the section but there are some tricks that I don’t know.

Blogging Criteria Table

What tricks do you know about blogging?

What type of blogger do you think I am?

Term 2

At the start of term 2 the grade 4, 5 and 6s got their blogs. When I first got my blog I was excited because I wanted to write posts and pages and add widgets. But once we had to start the first post I realised it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. The reason why it isn’t all that simple is because…… It has to be an effective post or page to make readers interested in the topic and want to read it. It is also important to have at least 2 questions.

Since I have started writing posts and pages I have been improving my quality of the post or page. I know this because I have been adding questions and people have been commenting on that post or page. I also know this because I (and you) can understand what my post and pages mean. I have posted an average of posts a month.

I have posted 5 posts in May

I have posted posts 2 in June

I have posted posts 3 in July

I have posted posts 4 in August

I have posted posts 4 in September

I have posted posts 6 in October

I have posted a total of 24 posts


Term 4 (now)

The past few days our class has been doing a reflection on our blog. We had to write about 3 posts and 2 pages. Here is my reflection. Since I have finished my post and page reflection, so now.. Today we had to write a blogging reflection on our blogs. It is like our the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Excursion post but about our blog. Any way here is my What Type of Blogger? reflection.

These are some questions for parents……

Does your child or kids have a blog?

If they do……

Do they have a blogging criteria?


Have they done a reflection about their blog?

Hi Mum and Dad what do you think of my blogging reflection?

Have a great day


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