Our 1850s hut!!

Hi everybody,

On Tuesday 6B made an 1850s hut out of cardboard, because we had just been to Sovereign Hill for camp. At Sovereign Hill we spent a lot of time wandering around and seeing what life was like at Ballarat in the 1850s. While wandering around we saw the different levels of housing, most people had tents or huts (if they were lucky) and a handful of people had small houses. In our hut we have a bed, fire table and a working windless. The Hut length is 2.16m and 1.58m in width. The highest point of the hut is 1.84m and the volume is 2 cubic metres. Everybody had a set task that they had to do, Frances and I made a table and a mantle piece. Our grade had so much fun working on the cardboard hut.

Here are some photos of our hut:




My Sovereign Hill character

Hi everybody,

This month we are going on a camp to Sovereign Hill camp for 3 days and we have to make a character profile for our selves and right a letter in copperplate writing. Here is my character profile:

Name: Tyra
Age: 11
D.O.B 8 of September 1841
Town I come from: Birr
Country: Ireland
Mother’s name: Narelle
Mother’s occupation: Dress maker
Father’s name: Philip
Father’s occupation Black smith
Siblings: Keela (3), Tyreece (13), Patrick (15)- 2 died, Cailin (9) and Fintan (4)
Character family relations: 6 cousins, Aunt and Uncle-3 cousins died
Hobbies: Sewing, skipping, singing
Ambitions: To cook for a fine establishment and in my free time make dresses
Opinionated: Very opinionated and sure of opinion
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Blonde
Height: 144cm
Weight: 38kg approx.
Adventures: Very
Sneaky: Yes
Creative: Yes
Curious: Very
Determined: Very

Solar Boats 2015

Hi everybody,

Over the past week the grade 6s have been working on designing a solar boat. Today we had to create a smaller version of our boat design. We then had to test our boat for alignment, balance, speed, flotation, symmetry and the creativity of our design. Here is my test results:

test results



My test hull:

my hull

Mem Fox

Hi everybody,

mem fox

My favourite story book author is Mem Fox. Some of Mem Fox’s books are:

  • Possum magic
  • The magic hat
  • Shoes from grandpa

I think Mem Fox’s books are a great read and each book has a unique message. I love Mem Fox’s stories because they have great descriptive words and have great messages. When I was little I used to love reading Mem Fox’s books. My favourite Mem Fox books are The magic hat and Possum magic.


About Mem Fox:

Mem fox moved to Africa with her parents at 6 months of age. Mem Fox learnt to write  by drawing letters in the red dirt of Africa. Mem Fox’s  whole class were Africans including her close friends. The authorities found out that she was at a African school and told her parents that it was against the law, so they sent her to a white school.


What is your favourite Mem Fox book?


Green energies

Hi everybody,

For the past couple of weeks we have been asked to complete a power point on a green energy. My Isabella and I chose hydro because we thought it would be something different.


Here is our Green Energies presentation.

After watching the clip answer these 3 question:

  • What makes the electric generator work?
  • What are the hydro plants in Queensland?
  • What produces green house gasses?

You can either by answering the survey (Hydro survey link) or just leaving a comment.




Saving Heironymus!

Hi everybody,

2015! A new year a new class and our inquiry topic is energy. Yesterday we watched a video called Saving Heironymus which tells you about greenhouse gasses and what they are.

So greenhouse gasses, what are they?

I think I should explain what the greenhouse effect is. Say there was a glass box around he world, the suns rays shine through the glass. But the light will run out but the heat will be trapped inside the glass box, heating the earth. Carbon dioxide ‘makes the heat stronger’ so the more carbon dioxide we produce the hotter the earth will be.

Most people’s  house hold appliances run on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are things like coal and oil.


Have a great day






Respect and integrity 2015!

Hi everybody,

Happy New Year!

Hope you have all had a wonderful break. At NGPS, at the start of every year for the first couple of week, we go over our school values and talk about bullying. So far our class 6B have talked about respect and integrity and about bullying. When we were talking about respect and integrity Mr Bell told us to discuss with your table about what you thought respect and integrity meant. Once you discussed with your table about what you thought respect and integrity meant, then you had to (as a table) come up with a play to show you what being respectful and having integrity looks like or, what it doesn’t look like. Their are 6 people on our table so we split in half the girls did what respect and integrity should look like, and the boys did what it shouldn’t look like.

We then discussed bullying and what types of bullying there are.

                                                            What types of bullying are there?

                                                          Does your school have school values?

Have a great day