Solar Boats 2015!

Hi everybody,

This year my group only got a week to make our boat and poster  because our whole group went to Somers camp.

When we were building our boat we cut the shaft and propeller stick so that it would cut through the water easier. Our boat doesn’t use any red wires and it doesn’t seem to affect it. When we tested our boat it started off really slow but then all of a sudden it started going fast and we got 2 times under 9sec. Then a wire fell off and we got more than 20sec.

On race day our boat wasn’t going very fast, but we won twice (because the other boats got disqualified or couldn’t race) and came second 3 times. But we didn’t make it into the finals.

During races it got a bit boring so lots of people mucked around but over all it was a pretty good day.



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