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This is my 2nd book review and it’s about Wonder written by R.J Palacio. I am going to be telling you about some of the major events that happened in Wonder and my opinion of the book.

Have you read Wonder?

How would you like to have a face that everybody screams, runs away or teases about because that is the life of August. Wonder is an inspiring story about a boy called August (Auggie) who has a “deformed” face. It is a book about hope, courage never giving up and is an inspirational story.


He lives with his mum, dad and his sister Via (Oliver) and not to forget Daisy (the dog). He also has never gone to school before!


August has formed new friendships and made new enemy’s he has to go through lots of horrifying things until everybody accepts him.

Some brave carrying people have stood up to all the bullies and helped Auggie through his emotional ride. They definitely have put meaning into this saying: When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind. – By: Dr Wayne W. Dyer

I give Wonder:starsOut of 5


My Wonderful 3 Way Conference!

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Yesterday the year 4-6s had to have a 3 way conferences. A 3 way conference is basically a presentation when you share your work to your parent(s) and your teacher. Our teachers have asked us to do a reflection on our blog for our 3 way conference, which includes the 5 hats out of the 6. We had to write a script that included a writing, maths and inquiry piece. We got to choose our writing and inquiry piece ourselves. But the teachers got to choose the maths piece. There was only 3 people out of 24 that did there immigration timeline (me included).

My reflection

On Wednesday the 25/06/14 I had my 3 way conference.

 There are lots of things I learnt but the main thing I learnt is that I wasn’t very confident so maybe next time I could practise my script in front of someone I wouldn’t normally work with.

 One of the best things about my presentation is being organised. At the end I was feeling really proud of myself because I said everything I wanted to. You have to be organised because if you’re not you wouldn’t be able to keep track of where all of your things are and you won’t lose track. You also won’t waste all of your time by getting organised.

 I wasn’t very confident so I repeated the information and kept on saying “um” and “ahh” a lot. I should practice saying my script with someone I haven’t really worked with a lot this year because I wouldn’t have as much confidences working with them.

 Before the conferences I was feeling really excited but a little bit nervous at the same time. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t shore if I would get everything right. After the conference I felt really proud of myself because I had just presented my work and I had got everything right I wanted to.

 Next time I time I think that I should practice with someone I don’t know very well so that I can build up my confidence.

Have you ever had a 3 way conference? What was it like?


Brilliant Boy overboard Book Reveiw!

Hi everyone,

This is my first  book review on the Brilliant Boy overboard. I wrote this book review on our class novel  that our teacher Miss C read  to us in term 1, and in my opinion I think its one of my favourite books.

Boy overboard heading 2

WOW! Boy overboard was a gripping story. I didn’t want to stop reading. It is about courage, hope, family, separation, and is an eye opening story. It is a great read.

In Boy overboard Jamal and Bibi have a dream. They have to escape the government because of their parent’s secret. But they will encounter pirates, assassins, a treacherous sea journey and a horrible government on their way to freedom.  There will be ups and downs. They need to stick together. Along the way they discover the important values of being a family.

Morris Gleitzman includes lots of different moods, characteristics and descriptive words. My favourite character is Bibi because of her great attitude. She always expresses her opinion boldly. If they don’t agree she insults them with camel related insults.

In my opinion it’s a wonderful read that combines action, drama, hope and much more. I don’t know how you could ever put the book down.

Be Safe