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We have had to read Jessica Watson’s blog. Who is a famous, because she sailed around the world alone at the age of 16.                                Click on the picture: jessica watson


What is it to have a dream/goal?

•To want to achieve something





•To feel like you have accomplished something

•Once you have accomplished your goal you feel proud of yourself


What is it to have goals?

•You keep persisting and trying to complete your goal

• After you complete your goal you feel proud like you have accomplished something (which you have)




I have 2 major dreams, they are to be a basketball player and to help 3rd world countries. These are some of my dreams and who/what inspired me. Before I try to complete these goals I want to be a physio, because I have gone to the physio a lot  and I know lots of “things” about your body (that involves physiotherapy).


My 1st dream is to be a basketball player because I love being active and I also love playing basketball.  I also enjoy running up and down the court because I can run in front of the other players and get the ball ahead. I wasn’t inspired by a person but I got inspired by the event (basketball). I have always wanted to play basketball. I have wanted to play basketball because it looked fun and I love running and dribbling. When I get in front of the other players I feel successful and proud of myself, I also feel part of the team. I also really feel like I have achieved something. I started playing basketball this year. My coach, Collin has inspired me because he always pushes us and encourages us to do our best always.


My 2nd dream is to help charities like the Red Cross and World Vison, because I want to help countries, people and the environment.  I got inspired me was, people who stand out (like Asha Keddie) and help 3rd world countries because they do what they are passionate about (and aren’t lazy and don’t do anything). And even though some of them are rich they still help people, animals and the environment and spend precious time helping them.  At the moment I am not doing anything to help, except one of the schools teachers is trying to find a website he has heard about so I can do research and start helpingJ. Here are some links to World Vision and Red Cross


I know it is a long time until I can complete this dream but I am determined, and if you are determined and try your best to fulfil your dream you can for fulfil it. Even if you don’t fulfil your dream at least you know you tried and in a way you have fulfilled your dream.


Be Safe



The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore!!!

Hi everybody,

Today and yesterday the grade 5s watched The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. The movie had NO dialog (speech).

Here is my recount of the movie:

Mr. Morris Lessmore was writing, when a wind/tornado came. Everything was lifted up into the air and spun around and then got dropped, everything was black and white after that. Then Mr. Morris Lessmore walked along a path and a lady with an alphabet skirt, was flying in the air with books tied onto a string in her hand. Then one of the books jumped down and made everything colourful. Inside the book was a picture of Humpty dumpty and he was telling him to follow, so he did. At the end of the path he came to a grand library, and then went inside to follow the Humpty dumpty book. He walked down a long corridor and heard the Humpty dumpty book playing the piano, so he went in and started dancing to the music with the books. He woke up on a giant book. He got up, and gave the books alphabet cereal and then put there “jackets” on. Then he saw an old book that he had to fix. He then gave out books to the public which gave them colour. He finished writing his book about his life. He was an old man now so the books made him young and took up into the sky where he gave a little girl his book he wrote, so that she can look after the books.

These are what I thought were the messages:

  • Books give you colour and meaning
  • Never give up (on life)
  • Books can change your life
  • Expressions, lights and colour can tell the mood



These techniques helped me think of messages:

–         Colour

–         Using ideas from other films

–         Expressions

–         Light/Dark

–         Body language

–         Music

Here is one of the things that I noticed:

When it is dark, gloomy and dull the mood, peoples expression and body language is sad. But when it is happy it is colourful, bright and the music was fast and happy, and the peoples expression and body language is happy.


fantastic flying book

Before question

Have you ever seen this movie and what do you think?

To see this movie go


(This video is posted on the 12th August)


After question

What do you think of this movie?

Be Safe


My Wonderful 3 Way Conference!

Hi everybody,

Yesterday the year 4-6s had to have a 3 way conferences. A 3 way conference is basically a presentation when you share your work to your parent(s) and your teacher. Our teachers have asked us to do a reflection on our blog for our 3 way conference, which includes the 5 hats out of the 6. We had to write a script that included a writing, maths and inquiry piece. We got to choose our writing and inquiry piece ourselves. But the teachers got to choose the maths piece. There was only 3 people out of 24 that did there immigration timeline (me included).

My reflection

On Wednesday the 25/06/14 I had my 3 way conference.

 There are lots of things I learnt but the main thing I learnt is that I wasn’t very confident so maybe next time I could practise my script in front of someone I wouldn’t normally work with.

 One of the best things about my presentation is being organised. At the end I was feeling really proud of myself because I said everything I wanted to. You have to be organised because if you’re not you wouldn’t be able to keep track of where all of your things are and you won’t lose track. You also won’t waste all of your time by getting organised.

 I wasn’t very confident so I repeated the information and kept on saying “um” and “ahh” a lot. I should practice saying my script with someone I haven’t really worked with a lot this year because I wouldn’t have as much confidences working with them.

 Before the conferences I was feeling really excited but a little bit nervous at the same time. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t shore if I would get everything right. After the conference I felt really proud of myself because I had just presented my work and I had got everything right I wanted to.

 Next time I time I think that I should practice with someone I don’t know very well so that I can build up my confidence.

Have you ever had a 3 way conference? What was it like?


Brilliant Base Words

Hi everyone,

This term we are learning about different types of words. So far we have been learning about base words. Base words are words that you can add on other words to make new words. For example: Friend. You can add on, ly, to make friendly or, ship, to make friendship etc.

This is a table I made of base words with their  Pre fix and Suffix’s.


Base word tableBe Safe